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Without Data... You are just another Opinion!!!
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Without Data... You are just another Opinion!!!


It is difficult to predict when a product might fail or how long it will work in its prime state. Accurate prediction of failure within a given period of time is always a tedious task and one which requires specialist knowledge. We understand that to predict a theory, it needs rigorous testing and observation with a strong yet flexible approach. Patience, sincerity, and hard work, are the three virtues of any design and development process.

To make this process a bit easier for our customers, we help engineers to collect real world engineering test data and analyse the product for durability as well as possible failure scenarios through physical and virtual testing. You can trust our services and offload your RLDA requirements for durability solutions.

Sometimes, a product fails after market entry and it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of failure. This is a challenging period for our customers with potential risk of halting the manufacturing process. We assist our customers to analyse the root cause in the shortest time possible through our specialist knowledge of data acquisition and analysis. We provide accurate and timely results of failure analysis to minimise damages to the customer.

We offer basic training on data acquisition and analysis to help newly joined trainees to understand the design process. For experienced engineers, we run advance training programs and seminars to gain and improve their knowledge about fatigue.

We at Mahesh Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., are a technical services company with over two decades of experience in services & solutions for in-vehicle data acquisition, analysis & durability.


We know that test and data analysis process can take time and repeated attempts. It is thus important for us to be flexible in our work to provide the best durable solution for our customers. They trust us for our engineering services which include vehicle instrumentation, road load data acquisition and test data analysis. Our fatigue analysis also includes solutions on safe working stresses, and the effects of temperature on the component.

We acknowledge that physical testing for all failure conditions is not cost-effective and many organisations opt for a virtual test environment nowadays. Our experienced team works towards correlating the virtual test-data results to physical real-time test data to provide comparative analysis for a trustworthy solution.

Often an advice is enough to come up with the best solution for a given problem. Hence, we also provide specialist consultation tailored to your needs.


Besides FE-based durability and fatigue solutions, we provide compact and flexible data loggers from Hi-Techniques Inc, USA which help you collect the vehicle data you need.

We believe in working towards a clean environment. To help you design and build eco-friendly products, we provide sales and software tool kits from CMCL Innovations, Cambridge, UK which assist in simulating engine emissions.