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Mission Statement :-

Our mission is to assist our customers in achieving their goals by providing excellent services through our cognizant, efficient & motivated team.

Vision statement :-

We have a strong ambition & ability to become a large & professionally managed organisation which will emerge as a
" Guru" in providing engineering solutions.

Core Values :-

We will be ethical, clear & cost effective in all our dealings.

We shall value & have strong belief in longterm relationships for which we will meet our commitments & accept       challenges.

Our positive attitude,teamwork & determination are the driving force behind our success. All these factors help       us to earn confidence from our customers & pride for our employees.


"Without Data .... You are Just Another Opinion".
Data Acquisition Data Analysis Training Products
Fatigue evaluation.
Test-CAE correlation
RLDA analysis
Structural fatigue test
CAE fatigue analysis
Accelerated fatigue test
Powertrain data
Test Optimisation
Test data management
Signal Processing
Strain Gaging
Practical Fatigue Theory
Test Fatigue
CAE Fatigue
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nCode GlyphWorks
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