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Rental :-

Data Acquisition System Rental

We provide data acquisition systems on rental basis (daily / weekly / monthly) to suit your needs and limit your investment. The systems are configured to your measurement requirements and are thoroughly tested in-house before delivery. The system comes to you with our expert engineers who help you in setting up your vehicle for integration with our data logger.
We can rent you equipment to measure virtually anything … strain, pressure, acceleration, torque, load, position, voltage, temperature, digital input / output, rpm / pulse, GPS parameters, CAN bus data.

"Without Data .... You are Just Another Opinion".
Data Acquisition Data Analysis Training Products
Fatigue evaluation.
Test-CAE correlation
RLDA analysis
Structural fatigue test
CAE fatigue analysis
Accelerated fatigue test
Powertrain data
Test Optimisation
Test data management
Signal Processing
Strain Gaging
Practical Fatigue Theory
Test Fatigue
CAE Fatigue
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nCode GlyphWorks
nCode DesignLife
nCode Automation

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