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Customer Correlation :-

Product Overview :

Customer Correlation is the method of determining the optimum, most efficient mix of proving ground surfaces required to match an overall target. nCode Optimized Testing module provides a proven approach to find the best mix across all channel locations.

It is applicable wherever equipment usage is characterized in terms of a mix of specific events covering a range of road surfaces, speeds, loads and or maneuvers.

Optimized Testing is a specialized product option that provides the answer to questions like:

What is the optimum proving ground schedule?

What is the best mix of surfaces, weight conditions, speeds, and manoeuvres?

What is the ratio of proving ground miles to actual road miles?

How does proving ground A correlate to proving ground B?

Key Benefits :

Significantly reduce proving ground track usage.

Optimize testing schedules and reduce testing time.

Understand how real world usage compares to track data.

Rapidly compare different proving grounds or duty cycles.

Key Features:

Two robust algorithms best fit optimization and minimum repeats optimization provided .

Optimisation strategies for both linearly dependent parameters like stress, displacement, acceleration as well          as logarithmically varying parameters like fatigue damage provided .

Flexible inputs such as rainflow cycle histograms, relative damage spectra, fatigue damage spectra can be          provided to cater for wide range of applications and optimization strategies .

"Without Data .... You are Just Another Opinion".
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