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nCode Products are licensed in 2 ways

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CDS Token Based Software Licensing :

nCode Complete Durability System (CDS) system of licensing is a “tokens” based licensing system that offers you excellent freedom and choice of using ALL durability tools within nCode at an affordable price.

This product is excellent for data analysts who work with a host of data and use various methods and different solvers as a part of day to day analysis jobs. Fatigue one day, signal processing on another, CAE fatigue from another member at the same time … the list can be long …

How do you account for all these changing license requirements?
nCode CDS is the answer.

For a fixed price, you get an annual lease license enabling you to use virtually all the solvers over a floating LAN license.

Is Capex your issue? Operate on revenue expenditure instead …

Perpetual License :

A permanent paid up license in which the customer pays for the specific products, they need and secure a        permanent  license for usage. However upgrades are affected through an Annual Maintenance Contract.

An annual renewable leased license known as nCode CDS license which is a tokens based license.

nCode licenses are available as a floating LAN or a node locked (Conditions apply).

Contact us for details.

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